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From Excel to Excellence

SAP claims that 97 percent of the Fortune 500-company solutions are used from Walldorf. According to estimates, Microsoft should reach 100 percent – provided that you accept the spreadsheet program Excel as a company solution!

In fact, there should be no company without a spreadsheet with data on controlling, labour of staff, production planning or address maintenance in any office – usually with the most complex formulas and links, which are of course not documented and present the author with the unsolvable task of looking through the intricate relationships between the individual data fields.

Excel, according to consultants, is still the most common ERP application in companies. Everyone would like to replace them, but no one really dares to unravel the hidden business processes and business secrets behind an Excel spreadsheet.

We at actesy have now provided an Excel adaptor for the actesy framework, with which we can transfer data and relationships from the table to a robust database step by step. This enables us to read and transfer hidden workflows in Excel, values in columns and rows. In workshops we discuss owner’s questions of what should be achieved with the integration, which systems should be integrated and whether, for example, the data should be reprocessed in an integrated management dashboard.

The Excel Adaptor is connected between the table and the actesy-Framework or the application tower based on it. In addition to a classic one-to-one transfer, there are also selection options.

Several tables can be combined in a new data view. During the transfer phase, you can continue working with Excel, while at the same time transferring the data into your own data model in the actesy framework. This allows you to decide at any time whether and when Excel is to be shut down, using it as a DataViewer and loading the data and formulas from the new database. Of course, the new data model can also be fully integrated into business solutions.

Thus actesy has paved the way for the gradual replacement of isolated solutions in IT. Now millions of mid-sized companies around the globe can now transfer their Excel treasures into a mainstream application, not just Fortune 500 companies.

And when do you start your migration project? You have the choice: we at actesy take over the project and deliver the migration success on a turnkey basis or use the actesy framework yourself after a short training phase.

Our promise is: We secure your investments because we are fast, flexible and innovative. Skeptical? Then test us. We look forward to hearing from you at

See you on your digital project!


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