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Making the data run

Migration projects have the unfortunate tendency to always consume more time and resources than originally anticipated. The reason for this is usually that all project participants have illusions about the state of the data to be migrated. They are often not in a quality state that allows for a quick migration. Then manual work is required. That takes time. At the same time, old and new systems must be used in parallel operation. That costs money. Finally, it must be checked again and again that both systems have the same data stock. That costs nerves.

Experience shows that extensive data cleansing prior to migration can double the total cost of a project – whether it is a system change, release upgrade or just the installation of new functions. This is especially true if the implementation is close to the standard and thus the adaptation effort can be kept as low as possible. However, it would be negligent to dispense with data transfer. The company would lose its soul when dealing with article and customer masters, which can comprise several tens of thousands of data records.

This is why we at actesy have combined the experience gained in numerous migration projects and created with actesy Intelligent Data Management (IDM) a tool which significantly reduces the effort involved in data migration and thus keeps the overall project within the framework. actesy IDM not only accelerates the data migration but also increases the quality of the data. The migration project is not only meticulously documented but can also be automatically repeated at any time – for example at the next release change.

actesy IDM has more than 250 adaptors for practically every company solution on the market. These are interfaces through which data can be transferred from one system to another according to parameterizable rules and supported by AI algorithms.

This significantly simplifies the classic process flow of data migration – identifying, extracting, correcting, transforming, testing, optimizing and finally going live.

After the initial transfer of legacy data via the adaptors, during which a documenting audit trail is generated to simplify any corrections, the real transfer finally takes place. Here too, subsequent corrections can be made via iterations. This not only improves the quality of the data, but also documents its condition. At the same time, IT departments become independent of individual persons, since the knowledge about the data pool is now available to all those involved. Independence from the provider and his project team is also achieved. This is already important because many project teams are under considerable time pressure – and the next migration project is already waiting. Delays can then endanger the entire project.

actesy IDM ensures that migration projects are no longer a data nightmare. Together with the actesy metadata framework, with which data can also be exchanged between different applications and used by both systems at the same time, users have a comprehensive integration solution even for heterogeneous application worlds at hand.

When does your data learn to run? Give us a call – we will be happy to arrange a virtual demo appointment.

See you on your next digital project.

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