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Become part of the actesy team

We are growing fast and looking for talented people to join our team

actesy is a rapidly growing start-up that develops the «UBER» for business systems. actesy ensures the seamless linking of all IT systems and databases and enables an exchange between the systems including process design and automation. Within a very short time, global companies have become actesy's customers.


You are the contact person who implements partial or complete projects for the customer. With curiosity and passion for all facets of digitalisation, you advise the customer to achieve the greatest possible benefit in the projects. With test-driven process models for professional software development, you ensure that the implemented processes meet the customer requirements.

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Digitalisation is becoming the driving force of business life – it creates new impulses for the future. You are the contact person for new customer enquiries and challenges of digitalisation. With your extensive knowledge of digitalisation and your customer experience, you help customers to find suitable solutions for their challenges. You also support customers after successfully completed projects and ensure that they are satisfied.

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You are the contact person who conceives, designs and implements simple, elegant and flexible software for complex market requirements. Digitalisation with all its facets is both an incentive and a challenge for you. With test-driven process models for professional software development, you enable and motivate your team to continuously deliver high-quality software.

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