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Our Expertise

Our 30+ year expertise in data management, system architecture and product management has resulted in big savings for our clients. This comes on top of additional benefits, such as better decision-making that affect their organization and staff, reliable and trustworthy data with modest efforts, plus – our solutions have a proven track record of innovation and efficiency creation within their organizations.


We speak your language. We understand that our potential customers often have difficulties with integrating different data sources, data quality during collection and output. In addition, when it comes to data management and processing certain pitfalls in the regulatory compliance may occur.


We are here to make complex data simple. With actesy you will be able to extract meaningful insights from data, identify areas for improvement, save time for more value-added tasks – all with an easy-to-use, turnkey solution – our fully customizable actesy platform.

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Our mission

Complex data made easy

actesy is predestined as a central orchestration/data platform for business systems and databases. We democratize the use of all data without system and technology boundaries. We provide turnkey data solutions for companies. Our clients don’t have to be experts in data science. actesy enables them to create cost and resources efficiencies, optimize processes and harness innovation. Our solutions are compliant and future-proof. The users can access consolidated data quickly and easily, as well as orchestrate data and systems with the actesy Platform. actesy instantly enables borderless data access independent of technology and data sources/formats.


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