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Two people monitor a rocket on a platform with different data panels symbolic for technology and a data platform

actesy Platform

actesy is complete integration and data orchestration platform for every data source and technology

actesy API Management

With API management, different business objects can be defined for incoming and outgoing data in the input and output format.

actesy Adapter

Technical and semantical data transformation through reusable adapter technology to the universal actesy data model (easy integration and orchestration) independent from technology

actesy Data Model

Normalized and customized actesy data model enables integration and orchestration of all IT systems and databases (3-table concept)

actesy Audit Trail

Automatic documentation and validation of systems including complete audit trail for data and processes

Data Orchestration Framework

actesy creates a documented, easy-to-orchestrate, standardised and globally valid data model independently of technology and data sources/formats.


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Use Cases

Complex data made easy

with actesy


Microsoft Excel

actesy can add an audit trail to Excel, making changes traceable and version/reference comparisons as well as difference analysis possible.​​

Software & Data Validation

actesy enables automatic testing and validation of processes, data and logics including chain tests across multiple systems and subsequent automatically generated report.

Data Migration

actesy enables holistic and automatic data migrations/data synchronisations incl. audit trail for data quality and data governance at the highest level.

Audit Trail for Data and Documents

actesy enables holistic audit trails for all data and text documents (Word, PDF, scans incl. OCR, web pages etc.) in terms of difference analyses, version analyses etc.

Rights Management

With actesy, inherent Rights Management can be used across systems for third-party systems as well as existing rights management systems can be «inherited» by other systems.

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