actesy Platform

actesy solves the current IT challenges

actesy Workflow

Cross-system modeling of business processes with BPMN 2.0 and monitoring

actesy iAPI Management

Plug-and-Play-system integrations with over 380 already established actesy adapters​​

actesy RPA

Automation of processes according to defined rules and use of AI and robotics for data and processes

actesy Data Model

Normalized & customized data model enables harmonization and connection of all systems

actesy Audit Trail

Documentation and audit trail of all data and processes down to document and timestamp level

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Our products

Complex data made easy

with actesy products


actesy ExcelEasy

actesy Excel Easy adds an audit trail to Excel, making changes traceable and version/reference comparisons as well as difference analysis possible.​​

actesy ValEasy

Automatic testing and validation of processes, data and logics including chain tests across multiple systems and subsequent automatically generated report.

actesy Documents

actesy Documents enables holistic comparisons of all text documents (Word, PDF, scans incl. OCR, web pages etc.) in terms of difference analyses, version analyses etc.

actesy Payment Gateaway

All-in-one Payment Gateway with over 200 payment methods, over 100 supported currencies, easy system integrations and PCI DSS Level 1 certification.

actesy IDM

actesy IDM enables holistic and automatic data migrations/data synchronisations incl. audit trail for data quality and data governance at the highest level.

actesy Invoice

The formatting of electronic invoices is carried out automatically by actesy according to the desired standards and specifications.

actesy Rights Management

Inherent Rights Management can be used across systems for third-party systems as well as existing rights management systems can be «inherited» by other systems.

actesy Communications

Holistic communication compliance across all communication channels enables a full overview through the audit trail.

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