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What’s up, App?

Cloud services are increasingly enhancing the existing IT infrastructure. This applies not only to companies that move their IT to the cloud or follow a hybrid cloud strategy. It also applies to users who, for example, use Office 365 or Google’s alternative. It is even more true for companies that take advantage of alternative forms of communication such as Skype or Slack. Even if it’s not necessarily part of the corporate strategy, more and more employees are using personal productivity tools from the cloud. This starts with personal accounts in social media from Facebook to Twitter and ends with cloud storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft’s OneDrive.

The advantage of these apps, namely the great flexibility and individuality for the user, is cancelled out by the fact that these applications have practically no direct interface to the mainstream applications in the company. Much works with “Copy & Paste”, few standardized interfaces in market leader systems or simple new entry. It is not only time-consuming – the vulnerability to errors is also high.

IT departments are usually unable to cope with the thousands and thousands of apps that employees in the company use and love. The apps live an insular existence, although they would unfold their full benefit only through extensive integration into the existing application worlds. What began as a productivity tool through the back door of private use could, with full integration, lead to process acceleration throughout the entire company.

This is why we have developed “actesy Connect” – a product category that focuses specifically on web applications and is based on actesy technology. With actesy Connect, users can supplement existing business solutions with the functions of cloud services and web apps even without programming knowledge. The documented APIs of the apps are addressed in such a way that data from the existing applications can be transferred to the apps and processed there. The result is then returned to the enterprise solution – fully automatically and process-oriented. With the actesy Workflow Engine, the external apps can be integrated into the existing processing as if they had always been part of it.

For example, current notifications from the CRM system can be communicated internally via slack. Or current information from marketing automatically ends up on the company presences in the social media. Data for the field service can be stored and updated via cloud storage. Or they can use the Google Office Suite and integrate the tools directly into their corporate IT. Of course, they can also manage calendar functions.

Or you can choose to use a web-based CRM system like Salesforce, Zoho, or Sugar CRM (or one of the many, many other systems that are now available for download). Then actesy Connect facilitates the full integration with the existing company IT. actesy Connect is the “little sister” of the proven actesy metadata framework, with which more and more companies link different application worlds. In addition to the integration on data and process level, a complete development environment for additional business logic is also available. For example, new functions can be programmed that build on the data of existing applications. Connecting Digital Worlds.

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