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Efficiency and Feedback

Digital change is less a technology issue than a question of communication and collaboration. Those who believe that they have already initiated a digital transformation with a few digitized machines in production are on the wrong track. Although the focus is on the data we generate from digitized processes, they are only the means of choice to achieve two decisive optimization benefits: Efficiency and feedback. Both take place in a transformed business model at all levels:

Employees and processes:

Data helps to deploy employees efficiently by providing them with the information they need to complete their tasks at the right time and in the right place. Conversely, employees return information about ongoing business processes, strategies, markets as feedback and thus further enrich the data pool. The information is based on the business processes in the company.

Customers and products:

Data helps to efficiently support and serve customers by providing them with information about products, services and the company’s goals at the right time and in the right place. Conversely, customers return data and information about their purchasing behavior, their needs, and their intentions as feedback. The data pool is refined by customer profiles, product evaluations and user behavior. The information is based on the company’s offerings.

Suppliers and raw materials:

Data helps to integrate suppliers efficiently into the production process by providing them with information about raw materials, intermediate products, services and prices at the right time and in the right place.

Conversely, suppliers return data and information about products, prices and delivery conditions as feedback. The information is based on the company’s production plans. Society and authorities:

Companies always operate in dialogue with society and within a legal framework. Therefore, data helps to make the right decisions and to communicate.

With the actesy metadata framework, we have therefore created an integration platform that enables the exchange of data at all four levels. We connect digital worlds of experience in such a way that companies can be controlled by efficiency and feedback. We make sure that data becomes information and that information becomes the basis for decisions.

To do this, we place your data at the heart of our integration platform – regardless of whether it originates from traditional business solutions, new web apps, cloud services or machines. In the service of digital transformation, we create new processes and business models with a holistic view of the data. In doing so, we work the control loop on efficiency and feedback in such a way that completely new potentials are exploited in your company.

The actesy metadata framework gives you a uniform view of all business transactions. We create a data pool with which you can create the digital breakthrough. More efficiency and more feedback.

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