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Who invented it?

So now it’s official: There will be a Digital Day in Germany on 24 July. Florian Nöll, from the Federal Association of German Startups, is reacting to the announced death of CEBIT as an international event of the digital economy by founding the digitalgermany initiative. At numerous railway stations in the Federal Republic of Germany, stands will be set up where digital things can be grasped with the fingers (beware, pun!).

The whole thing is to be modelled on the Swiss Digital Day, when several hundred thousand people had the opportunity to get their own picture of digitization. The German Digital Day already has renowned advocates – Digital State Secretary Dorothee Bär and the former Federal Minister of Economics and Technology and WEF Board Member Philipp Röser are clearly in favour of the idea. Marc Walder, Chief Executive Officer of Ringier AG and initiator of the successful Swiss Digital Day, also supports the German commitment:

“We must win over the entire population to digitization so that everyone can benefit from it. If we don’t manage to take along the economy, politics, society, every individual, many will begin to block and clamp down. Already at our first Digital Day in 2017, the first of its kind in Europe, hundreds of thousands of Swiss people were able to experience the topic of digitization.”

We at actesy fully agree and will support the Digital Day in our branches. But digitization is not a showcase. We have Digital Day every day when it comes to supporting companies in their digital transformation. Because digitization is a brownfield project that doesn’t start on a greenfield site, but builds on existing IT infrastructures. Therefore, with the actesy Metadata Framework we have created an environment with which companies can link the old and the new world.

Therefore, we have already developed 250 adaptors and connectors that allow existing applications to be connected to a new digital solution developed with the actesy metadata framework. This starts with the integration of existing Excel applications and ends with the integration of new digital applications into an SAP world – or any other comparable powerful ERP system.

In numerous projects in manufacturing industries ranging from automotive to the supply industry, from service sectors such as banking, retail and project management, from small and medium-sized enterprises to global corporations, we have proven that digital projects do not have to be complex, time-consuming or costly. Whether enterprise application integration in the real estate sector or cloud solutions for trade and logistics – with the actesy metadata framework we connect digital worlds. Connecting Digital Worlds – that is our worldwide claim. That’s why we are already active on both sides of the Atlantic as a startup in our second year of existence. We manage digital projects in both Canada and the USA. And in the DACH area – Germany, Austria, Switzerland – we now have an illustrious clientele.

Simply request a reference list. Or – even better – start your digital project with us right away.

And what can we do for you?

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