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For a long time, IT managers said that anyone who opts for SAP cannot be fired for this decision. About four out of five companies on the Fortune 500 list can’t be wrong. They have opted for the Walldorf-based software suite.

From Sapphire to Sapphire, the IT managers learn that they can serve practically every business transaction, every business model, every industry and every division with a largely standardized solution from the SAP ecosystem. Just like IT leaders, software partners are also SAP partners: Those who choose SAP cannot be fired for this decision.

It has to be recognized once – and without any irony at all: What the five renegade IBM employees have poured into software since 1972 has become a world standard for business process optimization. SAP has replaced Deutsche Bank as the heart of Deutschland AG. SAP is a myth that has become reality. Chapeau and congratulations!

However, the “SAP myth” also includes a fundamental IT manager wisdom: There is no functionality that does not exist – only not necessarily at the agreed price and within the agreed time. This realization is so fundamental that it should easily apply to the other 100plus ERP providers on the market.

That’s why we founded actesy. With the actesy framework we are able to build additional business logic on the existing application basis by tapping into the underlying database and using it for additional apps. Of course we make sure that the database of the old applications and the data of the new apps remain on the same level.

We have written numerous SAP connectors that allow us to create a complete integration between SAP solutions – or ERP applications from other providers – and the actesy framework.

Even more: With the actesy framework you are able to integrate additional application worlds – for example mobile apps or eCommerce applications – with the existing application towers of SAP and others.

This gives you the freedom to integrate and supplement additional requirements resulting from your changed business processes into the existing world ASAP – as soon as possible.

This will get you out of the tight corset of existing application architectures. You can expand your application portfolio without losing maintenance and release capability of your existing standard applications.

This applies to almost all users of the current ERP suites on the market. But especially for SAP customers. That’s why actesy and SAP mean together: ASAP!

When will we see ourselves on your integration project?

Our promise is: We secure your investments because we are fast, flexible and innovative. Skeptical? Then test us. We look forward to hearing from you at

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