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actesy – Agile and Stable

Many software business processes are as if they’re carved in stone. Once they are coded they are not modified, not because there is no will to change them, but because it simply takes too much effort…

This is not the stability we want and does it doesn’t fit into an agile world in which business processes have to adapt quickly and spontaneously to changing market conditions. During the course of digital change, nothing is left carved in stone; however, does not mean instability.

Agile systems, such as those that can be created with the actesy framework, are flexible and yet stable. They extend existing application systems with new functions, help to gradually transfer legacy systems into a modern world, and connect digital worlds such as ERP, CRM, eCommerce, Cloud, Mobile or AI systems with each other without chipping in new stones.

Application infrastructures modernized with the actesy framework are agile because they can be adapted to new conditions quickly and easily. They are stable because the existing database and business logic can be retained where it makes sense. connecting digital worlds:

More than 150 standardized adaptors ensure that solutions created by the actesy framework can be integrated seamlessly into existing application worlds – regardless of whether they are SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, in-house developments, cloud or mobile services. This leaves the existing application world untouched.

BUSINESS MODELING: With actesy, accurate individual business processes and workflows can be set up, adapted and automated. It is possible to fall back on functions in existing application worlds and link them to new business logic from the actesy framework. If the business conditions change, the business processes can be modeled and adapted without great effort.

NEW USER EXPERIENCE: With the actesy framework, it is possible to create new user interfaces which leads to new usage possibilities, and thereby also functions as different application worlds are combined under one uniform user interface. New perspectives, as they are necessary for eCommerce users or mobile users, can be created. Modern workstations for administration, fast entry, planning or controlling can be created as well. CODE A LITTLE, TEST A LITTLE: The actesy framework can be successfully switched from classical project methods with high risks to agile methods with individually controllable challenges. As you move from sprint to sprint, from sub-project to sub-project, you can successively renew your own application world without having to disconnect the entire system from the network. Therefore, preserving what is worth preserving and being able to make new changes is actesy’s agile approach.

OPTIMAL DATABASE: Furthermore, the actesy framework allows data to be read from existing databases and stored in a new metadata database. In this way, new, optimized databases can be created without withdrawing their database from the existing application worlds. actesy ensures that both the old and the new databases remain up-to-date.

Examples iclude: the release and maintenance capabilities of the existing application worlds are retained, new features can be added to encapsulated additional objects, and actesy ensures that old and new worlds can coexist in the database.

More sustainability is not possible.

When do we see ourselves on your integration project?

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