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When Machines Chat

Industry 4.0 promises a lot of innovations. First of all, there are the process innovations: If machines can be better networked with each other and with their planning instances, this will result not only in more effective but also more flexible process control. If more data is transferred directly from the production process to the planning level in real time, the current production planning can be accessed more quickly and individually. Industry 4.0 not only helps to save money; it also helps to try out completely new business models. All in all, this means saving costs on the one hand and increasing sales on the other. What more could you want?

However, all theory is grey. In practice, Industry 4.0 projects fail because of the same well-known challenges: Interfaces, interfaces, interfaces.

As more and more tools and workpieces communicate with each other, an infrastructure is needed that transmits the data securely while simultaneously storing it so efficiently that analyses and decisions can be made. We at actesy have recognized that with our framework, we provide the ideal infrastructure for a communication network between machines that exchange data with each other in a secure, encrypted end-to-end connection.

When machines chat, nobody is allowed to access the information – that’s why we developed the actesy framework, a communication app that basically works like WhatsApp. With ActesyChat you can create your own messenger structure for your individual company messenger. The data cannot be decrypted for third parties.

What’s more: With the actesy-Framework, of course, we are also able to prepare the data in such a way that your ERP system and your warehouse management software can process the formats and integrate them into your own business process. This enables you to logically link even highly decentralized corporate structures: from the production level in an EU country to the headquarters in Switzerland, from your supplier’s product data to your customer’s receipts.

ActesyChat is a business WhatsApp for your machines – whether they are vending machines, sensors or actuators. We connect the systems with each other and with the superimposed decision level in the ERP system. Our interfaces are so open that we can integrate SAP as well as any other ERP system.

You are spoiled with options: you can use ActesyChat with your own on-site data center or in the cloud- or we can offer you a hosting service.

Our promise is to cut the integration costs in half because we are twice as fast. Skeptical? Then test us. We look forward to hearing from you.

See you on your digital project!

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