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Welcome to Brownfield

Developing software on a greenfield site is every software developer’s dream. Just start over and do everything right from the beginning!

However, for most developers, the reality is quite different. In the industrial environment of the western world, there are usually already grown software landscapes with complex architectures. Interfaces and links between individual applications make the existing solution worlds into an integration jungle that can hardly be overlooked. Since 2008, exactly ten years ago, the term “brownfield” has been coined for this scenario.

Brownfield scenarios are cost-intensive because a new software which will be integrated into an existing architecture must pass massive integration tests before it can go live. In fact, interface development usually takes even longer than the formulation of business logic.

That’s why legacy software is so resistant to modernization. For example, it is anything but trivial to add Industry 4.0 components to an old ERP system. Digitizing the production level, however, only makes sense and creates new potential if production can be seamlessly linked to planning and data from the shop floor where it is used to support decision-making. However, the promise of the new digital world often fails because of the pitfalls of existing architecture. The result: the project becomes very expensive and takes longer, or even fails.

We at actesy have specialized in connecting old and new worlds. The actesy integration model is exactly aligned with the challenges of the brownfield scenarios. Numerous integration projects – including in the SAP environment – prove this. Our model is as simple as it is ingenious: We transfer existing data into our own, as flat a database as possible and add new data fields from the digital world. This is the basis for the necessary business logic with the help of which the old applications can take full advantage of the modern age. We are following the recommendations from brownfield scenarios that we have studied for more than three decades.

How can a startup like actesy, which was only founded in summer 2017, look back on three decades of experience? Well, we don’t start from the green field ourselves. actesy is joined by experienced developers with a wealth of knowledge about complex application architectures. However, the technology we use is “startup” because we are as slim and agile as a startup.

Therefore we can claim: With actesy integration, projects succeed in half the usual time because we are flexible, innovative and creative. Skeptical? Then test us. We look forward to hearing from you.

See you in the brownfield!

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