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There are also other ways

The German business magazine Wirtschaftswoche released an article with the title “User’s Nightmare” about SAP, the world’s largest provider of business software. The cover story is worth reading – at least for those who have made their own experiences with the Walldorf-based software house. No matter whether you are a customer, partner or competitor looking at SAP projects – the number of projects that get out of hand financially and in terms of time is large. The magazine Wirtschaftswoche lists what WiWo author Michael Kroker calls “megaflops” on a magazine page: Otto, Deutsche Bank, Lidl, Edeka, Deutsche Post, DocMorris. – But these are only the failures from Germany…

Well – you can’t become the world’s largest software provider if you don’t “deliver” most of your projects, i.e. lead them to a successful end, achieve the promised benefits and bring security and predictability to your customers’ processes. But the rumors about overpriced, delayed or even failed SAP projects are legion. Nevertheless, many users decide according to the classic lemming principle: it is better to take the known risks with SAP than the unknown risks with a medium-sized software house! Yet: there are still more than 100 independent software providers for business solutions in the German-speaking world. Thanks to the medium-sized businesses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They ensure that process optimization continues to be one of the virtues of companies in the DACH sector. The question may, however, be permitted as to how many of these providers are swept away by digital transformation. Europe needs diversity – also in the software sector.

But there is a threat of uniformity precisely where individual business processes offer a competitive advantage over others. That’s why there are so many hidden champions from German-speaking countries! However, providers like SAP are increasingly urging their customers to introduce the software as close to standards as possible – without any individual special features. Although this reduces the risks in the implementation phase, it also reduces the potential for differentiation. If everyone does the same, they are all interchangeable. Once again: Europe needs diversity – even in business processes!

We at actesy have more than three decades of experience with business solutions – whether with SAP, Oracle, Microsoft or with one of over 100 medium-sized software providers. Based on this experience with the actesy Metadata Framework, we have created a development environment with which projects can be made significantly slimmer. We make sure that different software worlds can be better connected with each other. Our integration approach is: connecting digital worlds.

With the actesy metadata framework and the actesy adaptors, we can implement integration projects at all IT levels: at the data level as well as through the rapid development of additional business logic and user interfaces that can be integrated into existing applications. Mobile solutions or cloud services can also be developed and integrated quickly and transparently with the actesy metadata framework. With the help of our workflow engine, we can design processes and combine existing

software with new applications into a continuous process.

Our approach is not a magic work, but the result of 30 years of experience with business solutions and successful implementation projects. We pursue the virtues of modern software implementation:

  • Process optimization: We analyze processes and optimize their components. We don’t make everything new, but everything better.

  • Individual development: In contrast to standard-related projects, which are still the preferred implementation method of SAP and Co., the actesy Metadata Framework enables us to respond individually to the special needs of our customers.

  • Small projects: While in many standard projects the big bang theory is pursued unchanged, according to which large application areas are to be introduced in one go, the actesy Metadata Framework supports sprints according to the SCRUM method. We define a project goal, achieve it and consider the next goal. Failing major projects are not an inevitable fate. There is another way. actesy is different.

And what can we do for you?

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