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«The purest form of madness is to leave everything as it was and hope that something will change at

Since 95% of all business processes are still handled in monolithic, closed ERP and business systems, digitization or agility will progress only very slowly.

New process logics have to be agile and flexible and can be changed quickly if necessary. This is the «DNS» of the new era: self-organized, decentralized, collaborative, agile, customer and business driven. The specialist department can only assume responsibility for process digitization and act quickly and customer-oriented through disruptive digital approaches that it has mastered itself.

With incremental/evolutionary innovation, an existing technology or product will be improved, made more efficient or become cheaper. Usually, a few additional requirements are met and/or a few new features are added.

Disruptive innovation refers to an innovation that changes the rules of the game on the market or in user behavior. Interestingly, sometimes disruption is not triggered by really new techniques, but by familiar ones. For example, the invention of the MP3 format itself has not yet triggered any disruption, but only its use in the context of the functionality and user-friendliness of the iPod has helped the format to become the practical standard. And Henry Ford («If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses») didn’t invent the car, but introduced its low-cost mass production. This was how our world has changed radically.

actesy is a metadata framework with which you enable the specialist department to analyze and discuss processes in detail, behavior (subject) for behavior in the team, to document them and, if necessary, to redesign them agilely without having to touch the central business systems.

Here in Europe, we are quite successfully positioned in competition with the Silicon Valleys in San Francisco and Shenzhen & Co. However, we also have to dare, otherwise, old wine will remain in new bottles. I find the idea that our technology is in greater demand in the United States, Asia and Japan than here in Europe particularly exciting. Isn’t that absurd?

The technology is there and can be rolled out. Software production for process organization can be carried out in the specialist department. Digitization makes every company a “quasi agile IT company”, as the hidden champions strive for.

However, it is also very important not only to ask how efficiently business processes can be mapped, but also to ask the question: Does this process still make sense in this form? A wrong or unnecessary process digitalized only gives one digital wrong process, but on a much higher level. Software solutions will not question the requirements of meaningful processes – not yet – that’s why business management consulting is needed in order to ask these questions.

Skeptical? Then test us. We look forward to hearing from you at

See you on your next digital project!


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