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The end of either, or!

Life, it seems, is full of dichotomous choices: Beatles or Rolling Stones, elephant or donkey, meat or “meat”, Apple or Microsoft, integrated systems or individual development, standard solutions or interface, on-premises or on-demand? Of course we at actesy don’t want to influence your musical taste, your political attitude or your nutrition plan. However, if you want to design your IT according to your ideas without having to take technological constraints into account – that’s what we want: we have developed the actesy metadata framework for this purpose.

Because IT managers no longer have to decide whether they prefer to use the tailor-made individual solutions for their business processes or whether they want to fall back on an “all-in-one package”, which leaves something to be desired in individual cases, but covers all application cases. Added to this is the age-old debate as to whether applications should be introduced as close to standards as possible (whereby concessions to individual business processes are unavoidable), or whether it makes more sense to build interfaces between different “best-of-breed” solutions that map processes optimally but have weaknesses in the interaction of data and workflows. With the actesy metadata framework we counter this with a clear “as well as” approach. Because we connect digital worlds with each other. Anyone who has opted for an SAP system does not necessarily have to use the purchased CRM system. In fact, many so-called integrated complete packages are only externally homogeneous and internally “integrated” through hard-wired interfaces. With the actesy metadata framework different application towers can be connected to a uniform, integrated system. For this purpose we map the different data models of the individual systems in a uniform database, which is updated in real time.

At the same time, the actesy metadata framework can be used to create uniform user interfaces so that users can switch from one solution to another without media discontinuity. And thirdly, with the actesy metadata framework we are able to supplement missing functionality.

The “as well as” option naturally also applies to the entire IT infrastructure: with the actesy metadata framework, both on-premises solutions can be connected to mobile applications and multiple cloud services can be integrated with the in-house IT. Of course, with the actesy metadata framework, we can also pave the way for a soft migration path from in-house IT to the cloud by gradually transferring individual components to the cloud service provider’s data center without affecting ongoing operations.

And we could even resolve the question of “Apple or Microsoft”. Because with the actesy metadata framework we also overcome operating system boundaries. Of course you can also access Microsoft data with the “look and feel” of the iOS interface – and vice versa. You can do that anyway, but with actesy we show how heterogeneous application worlds can be unified. The user does not notice when he changes from one system environment to the other.

actesy is the end of “either, or”. Only to actesy there is no “either, or”!

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