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Ten good reasons for actesy

In recent months, the management consultancy accenture has interviewed board members, managing directors and CIOs to draw a picture of the state of digitization and Europe. The gloomy conclusion: too little is still being done. Digital projects are lost in the small and small, even after years there is still a lack of visionary power in the executive floors and the big lighthouse projects of the digital pioneers are more intimidating than encouraging.

The study names ten calls for action for companies that want to set off on the path to digital transformation. Sounds as if the ten commandments from the principles according to which we at actesy developed the actesy metadata framework have been written off. Connecting Digital Worlds is our mission statement – and no less than that is the goal of all digital projects:


„Start a competence offensive,“ advises accenture. actsy has bundled the competence from three decades of integration and migration projects and combined it in the actesy metadata framework.


„ If necessary, complement your teams with outside expertise.“ actesy offers concrete consulting and project services to companies on their way to digital change.

Vision „Develop a digitization vision and a roof over your initiatives.“ Right – and implement it with the actesy metadata framework. Because the decisive factor is where the journey should go – we do the rest.

Objectivity „Don’t allow isolated solutions anymore.“ Our speech! With the actesy Metadata Framework you connect legacy applications with each other, add new processes, merge data from different application worlds and create a uniform user interface – no matter if on-premises, on-demand or mobile.

Consequence „Think in big decisions and programs end-to-end.“ Agile methods that bring you step by step to your goal help you to do this. actesy accompanies you on this path.

Entrepreneurship „Allow betting and mistakes.“ Well, actesy is a bet on your future – but anything but a mistake.

Penetration „Build bridges between the areas.“ Connecting Digital Worlds does just that: we connect previously separate worlds into an integrated whole.

Protection „Open your organization to collaborations with partners outside of the traditional realm.“ There is nothing to add: actesy is a start-up that was born from the experience of numerous partner projects.

Situation „Approach the innovation turnaround, especially with a view to data-driven business model innovations.“ This is the actesy DNA: With the actesy metadata framework you can completely redefine business processes and base your existing applications on the data.

Position „Show everyone you take it seriously.“ See you in your digital project!

So: What are you waiting for?

We look forward to hearing from you at

See you on your next digital project!


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