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Smart Rooms for Smart People

The famous refrigerator, which orders food on the Internet independently, is as old as ISDN – and that was before the World Wide Web, that is, in the distant past. Yet the numerous attempts to realize this obvious business process between private household and trade have failed mercilessly. Why does “replenishment” work, as it is called in the language of logistics, i.e. the automatic replenishment of stocks, in the warehouse but not in the household?

The reason: nobody always buys the same thing, unlike in industrial warehouses, where a clearly defined quantity of articles has to be replenished according to material requirements planning within specified periods. The refrigerator is simply not smart enough to analyse consumer habits. If you want to build smart homes, you have to start with simple processes that don’t have as many variants as a shopping basket full of food. That’s why classic smart home offerings focus on processes relating to light, heat and entertainment.

We at actesy have now extended this approach with the help of the actesy metadata framework. For Aderal AG, we are currently planning an integrated smart home concept that supports practically all activities of a hotel guest with apps on the smartphone: from booking the room and events, check-in and check-out including payment process to room temperature control, lighting, entertainment offers, room service and, of course, Internet use. At the same time there is information about surrounding offers from car sharing to sailing trips.

With the help of the actesy metadata framework, the already existing applications and data pools are combined in a common metadata database so that a uniform user interface is created for the hotel guest. Unlike in the past, personal data does not have to be entered anew each time and passwords assigned. Within the framework of the Smart Hotel, the data is integrated and safe from outsiders. In addition, the concept offers a hotel-wide internal social media service so that guests can network and make appointments without detours.

At the same time, local and national partners can submit discounted offers with an electronic coupon booklet, which are also offered on the smartphone. Depending on the user profile, these offers can also be filtered. Of course the services are not limited to the booked guest room only. The services accompany the hotel guest in all areas of the hotel – from the bar to the sauna.

The concept is intended above all to appeal to the digital natives, who are already used to making their lives more comfortable with smartphone apps. That’s why the overall concept of this hotel project also includes furnishing the interior of the rooms according to the tastes of Generation Y and Generation Z. The hotel’s interior is designed to be a perfect match for the needs of the guests.

This means that the Smart Home project can become the most modern hotel on Lake Constance. Preparations are currently underway to implement the ambitious plans. Aderal AG has formed a working group with participating companies – including actesy AG – who are working on the joint implementation of the hotel concept. The goal is quite simple: Smart Rooms for Smart People.

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