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Shared Intelligence

For many IT managers, the move to the cloud is primarily intended to provide an alternative to the existing on-premises infrastructure, which brings more flexibility, greater efficiency and, last but not least, lower costs. However, the real goal of cloud computing and digitization is not simply to transform the existing IT infrastructure into a new environment, but to enable information and knowledge to be shared and used even more effectively between all those involved in the business process. Because the more the cloud is geared towards the entire ecosystem around a product and the more employees, customers and suppliers are involved, the greater the benefits of digitization.

Shared intelligence” creates a completely new understanding of business. Because those who share their knowledge with all those involved receive more feedback on current events and faster reaction to market changes as a return on investment. Shared Intelligence” creates a positive control loop, which above all makes digital business models possible by involving all partners involved. According to 83 percent of all managers surveyed in a recent study, digital business processes can only be realized if the partners in the value-added process are involved and have a common level of information. This is because digital offerings generally consist of service ingredients from several providers that must be coordinated with one another. As a result, almost two-thirds of those surveyed believe that the digital economy basically only benefits from partnerships, and thus even from opening up to competitors instead of shutting them off. “Shared intelligence” is one way of doing this.

Because where data is stored centrally in the cloud, from which knowledge can be gained with the help of artificial intelligence, all those involved can simultaneously draw from this information pool.

Thus, processes are optimized, customers and their behavior are better recognized, employees are more efficiently deployed and products are transformed into additional digital services. With the actesy metadata framework, actesy has created an environment which is optimally aligned to the opportunities, i.e. which offers “shared intelligence”. Because with the actesy metadata framework, users can combine data and analyses from different sources and make them available to all participants in a uniform user interface.

In fact, many software systems in companies are outdated and can only be transferred with difficulty into an infrastructure for “Shared Intelligence”. With the actesy metadata framework this is now possible with comparatively little effort. In addition, many legacy applications are mostly based on proprietary system architectures which are difficult and expensive to modernize. Here, too, we at actesy help with the actesy metadata framework with the target-oriented application modernization.

But “Shared Intelligence” is not only a technological topic, but also a cultural challenge. Where a culture of compartmentalization has prevailed up to now and “domination knowledge” stands for public spirit, concepts for shared intelligence can only be introduced rudimentarily. We at actesy live Shared Intelligence. That’s why we share the actesy metadata framework with all those who want to join us on the path to the future.

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