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Out of analogue prison

In the German middle class, the digital baggage is finally picking up speed. According to IDC, two thirds of all German companies are now involved in digital projects. This is European top class. Only in Sweden is the share of digital projects similarly high – but with a much smaller number of companies. And another good news: Only every twentieth company still has no digital plans at all.

So much for the good news. But the 400 or so managers interviewed by IDC analysts in their international study complain that the requirements of the management level for new, digital processes cannot be met with the company software currently in use. In Germany, three-quarters of the managers surveyed feel unable to integrate the existing systems into their digital strategies. And six out of ten executives worldwide believe that their financial and human resources systems need to be modernized as part of their digital strategy.

80 percent of respondents in Europe (75 percent of Germans) say that new digital solutions can only be integrated into the existing software landscape at a disproportionately high cost. Conversely, existing application systems are difficult to adapt to new business models. And the use of forecasting procedures in real time is not possible due to the excessive effort involved. In short, managers in Europe and the USA see themselves trapped in their analog prisons.

But the really good news is: With the actesy framework you get out of the analog prison. actesy massively reduces the integration efforts: First projects show that the project scope can be reduced by half. This applies both to the time required and to the costs. The reason for this is the possibility of using the metadata framework to read out existing databases and make them available for new applications. Conversely, new applications can be easily integrated into the workflow of existing architectures.

In addition, users without programming knowledge are able to develop additional solutions to support their digital strategy with the help of the actesy framework. In addition, the business logic developed with actesy can also work with the data from the existing applications and restore them. Thus you receive new digital processes without having to touch the existing applications.

Thus actesy serves the core problems on the way into the digital transformation: Integration of new solutions into existing application architectures and development of new solutions, for which there is not yet standardized software.

The second point, according to IDC, is one of the most exciting trends over the next five years. By 2024, a completely new class of developers will have established themselves who can implement new applications without any programming knowledge at all. They use open source tools such as the worldwide development platform GitHub, which has now been taken over by Microsoft, or integration frameworks such as actesy. According to IDC, 500 million new applications worldwide will be created in this way in the next five years – as many as have been created since the first punch cards were used to date.

It is high time to leave the analog prison. Test the actesy framework. We define together with you small integration projects to prove the efficiency of actesy. Then we proceed sprint by sprint with agile methods – until the complete implementation of your digital strategy. And by the way: actesy as a Swiss development is multilingual right from the start. Europe can come.

When do we see ourselves in your integration project?

Our promise is: We secure your investments because we are fast, flexible and innovative. Sceptical? Then test us. We look forward to hearing from you at


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