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On the Road in the Front Seat

Every day countless of the same emails arrive: «I’m not in the office at the moment and have only limited access to my mails on the way…». – Why is that so? After all, not every business trip goes to the valley of the unsuspecting, where the broadband supply is rather a scarce economy.

The reason is usually not the telecommunications diaspora, but the rather weak integration of the central business software with the mobile infrastructure. What goes in through the firewall does not necessarily go out again. Where a workflow engine controls the business processes, the office staff is well provided for, but the field staff remains outside.

To ensure that mobile employees are also in the front seat in terms of communication technology, we have developed additional adaptors for the actesy framework with which content can be specially prepared for mobile end devices.

FOR EXAMPLE WORKFLOW NOTIFICATIONS: With actesy Accurate, business processes can be individually configured. Push messages, through which the workflow engine triggers new workflow steps and informs about the work progress, can be forwarded directly to the smartphone or tablet of the sales representative with the help of the actesy framework. Thus, activities in the technical field service and in sales can also be integrated.

FOR EXAMPLE MESSENGER SERVICES: actesy Chat is a «Business-WhatsApp» for digitally integrated machines. On the one hand, machines can be linked with each other and with the central planning software. On the other hand, employees receive status messages directly – on the forklift truck, in the warehouse on the yard, in a transport vehicle or from the customer. In addition, all commercially available messenger services such as WhatsApp, iMessage, Slack, SMS Telegram, etc. can also be integrated, so that holistic, seamless and documented communication can take place – regardless of the end devices and the location.

EXAMPLE OF MOBILE UIs: Most applications are optimized for classic screen workstations, but they are not suitable for screens in the smartphone or on the tablet.

With the actesy framework it is possible to create own user interfaces for mobile devices on the basis of existing applications. Selected screen contents are then optimized for the restricted view on the mobile phone. And, in addition, management dashboards can be generated for controlling.

FOR EXAMPLE MOBILE APPS: In addition, new applications can be developed for mobile end devices that access and supply the databases of existing applications. For example, fast entry systems for sales, dashboards for controlling, monitoring software for production or picking systems for logistics can be created as mobile apps – simply and quickly.

FOR EXAMPLE CLOUD SERVICES: With actesy Run, existing applications can be distributed hybrid between the data center on site and the cloud. Mobile users in particular benefit from this, as they have unrestricted access to company processes in this way.

actesy gives the central company solutions legs so that employees can sit in the front seat during the move; right in the middle, instead of outside.

What can we do for you?

Our promise is: We secure your investments because we are fast, flexible and innovative.

ACCORDING TO THE MOTTO: Preserving what is worth preserving and being able to make new changes – that is actesy’s agile approach.

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We will see you on your next digital project!

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