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NOAH and CeBIT – a Community!

They used to go to CeBIT – by the way, it’s already next week. Today, the most popular events are those where you meet as many CEOs from the digital economy as possible, venture capitalists and-last but not least-the open source community. Digital change lives above all in the sharing community, i.e. in those social classes for which owning a car is no longer a status symbol or in those development layers where it is a status symbol to develop and share open source code.

Why else would Microsoft take over a company like GitHub for $7.5 billion in shares, which has nothing more than developer tools and a platform on which 28 million developers worldwide are currently registered. The code of the future is no longer necessarily created in the back rooms of software houses, but in the sharing community around the open source idea.

This community needs completely different platforms and events to exchange information. CeBIT, with its classic trade fair stands and product presentations, hardly fits in anymore. Not surprisingly, the Deutsche Messe AG has come up with something new for CeBIT this year: Event fair in summer, shows instead of bizz.

It copies formats that are common in the sharing community, for example at the NOAH Conference in Berlin this week. Whoever is trendy in the mobility scene is there: Nicolas Brusson of BlablaCar, Paulin Dementhon of Drivy, Jochen Engert of FlixBus, Khosrowshahi of Uber, Florian Reuter of Volocopter, Markus Villig of taxify, Dave Waiser of Gett and Jens Wohltorf of Blacklane. What does mobility have to do with the sharing community? Anything! Today’s status is the availability of a vehicle, not its ownership. The classic automobile manufacturers are still among the apprentices.

And we are also there, because the actesy framework is optimally set up for the sharing community. Connecting Digital Worlds – for us that means: out of the old monolithic applications and in with open infrastructures with which the networks of the future can be built.

That’s why we’re going to the NOAH Conference in Berlin AND to CeBIT in Hannover, because we are connected to both worlds with our solutions for application integration between old and new.

Our projects show that with the expertise of 30 years of ERP consulting and just under a year as a startup, we can optimally combine both worlds. That is why NOAH is as important as CeBIT. However, the NOAH Conference is already hotter…

The actesy framework is open for both worlds – which means that no matter which ERP system operates in the background, no matter which digital concept is used, we connect the online world with the offline world on a common, individually designed data basis.

Our promise is: We secure your investments because we are fast, flexible and innovative. Skeptical? Then test us. We look forward to hearing from you at

See you on your next digital project or at the NOAH Conference. Or at CeBIT.


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