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No waiting Time during Maintenance

Everything’s actually going quite well. The ERP system has an excellently maintained article master, the stocks in the warehouse are continuously updated and the routes for the technical field service are perfectly optimized. Yet there are always problems because urgently needed spare parts are not in the trunk of the service technician, but in the central warehouse, several hundred kilometres away from the place of work. However, the mobile employee has no access to the central IT.

For more than two decades, companies have been struggling to keep the data situation as up-to-date as the data stock at headquarters.

Moreover, if the technical employee requests subsequent deliveries, they must be processed in the warehouse management system exactly as if they came directly from the ERP software. It is therefore a matter of linking several IT worlds: The mobile purchase requisition, the sales software, central invoicing and, of course, the decentralized logistics solution at the various distribution warehouses.

In our specific case, we connected the actesy framework, a cloud solution for service employees, to the central IT and warehouse management system. We used the Salesforce Service Cloud, a cloud-based complete solution for mobile technician deployment. At the same time, however, it was important to ensure that both the inventory management ERP system and the warehouse management system remained up-to-date.

Requirements like these are typical for actesy projects. Our solution proposal provides for a common database of all three IT worlds in the actesy database. The technical employee then orders the required spare parts on site, which are booked via the ERP system and reserved in the warehouse management system.

If spare parts are available and planned for a route, sales representatives receive an extended service request via the Salesforce Service Cloud, which includes the location, deployment time, and the maintenance work to be performed. Notifications can be sent by e-mail, by phone or via the company chat. And of course, a corresponding posting and invoicing process is triggered in the ERP system.

As a result, we have created a fully integrated solution consisting of three IT worlds that includes a continuous service process from the technical employee on site via the warehouse back to the service employee.

Which integration project may we solve for you?

With the actesy framework, we are not only able to combine automatic interfaces for data transfer from different sources, but we can also add new business logic on this basis. This allows you to integrate a wide variety of data sources into a new business solution – for example, in eCommerce or in hybrid infrastructures consisting of cloud and on-premises solutions.

Our promise is: We secure your investments because we are fast, flexible and innovative. Skeptical? Then test us. We look forward to hearing from you at

See you on your digital project!


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