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Mastering Digitization with actesy

If you want to master digital change, you have to integrate a number of new business processes into the existing application landscape. actesy AG, the new star in the EAI sky, is helping with its revolutionary database-based framework. This makes it possible to integrate additional functions into existing application packages – even if they are not provided as standard by the manufacturer. In this way, user companies gain additional freedom on the path to digital change because they are not any long

er depent on the innovative power of their software provider,” says actesy Chairman Peter Imthurn. “At the same time, they do not lose the release capability when implementing additional functions with actesy, which guarantees future viability.”

However, this is precisely where many user companies are currently being hampered in implementing their digital strategy – they have to wait until the next or next release after of their software provider provides the desired functions. This applies, for example, to the extension of an ERP system by adding the execution level, on which the data and information from production can be combined and analyzed. Manufacturing Execution Systems are regarded as a necessary intermediate level between actual production and the planning function above it – the Enterprise Resource Management.

Another area of application on the way to a concrete digital strategy is the extension of the CRM software for Customer Resource Management (CRM) to include feedback from the social networks. Today, a company’s social media activities and sales tasks usually lead a strictly separate existence. With actesy’s metadata framework, both areas can be well integrated so that marketing and sales can operate on the same data basis.

This also applies of course to webshops, which should use ERP functions as a back-office in an integrated solution. Here, actesy AG has already implemented the first solutions, whereby the webshop already uses article data in the presentation, immediately checks the availability of orders and creates direct integration with the accounting department.

In cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences St. Gallen, actesy has also realised the concept for a community oriented web presence, which filters information from the web for a clearly defined user group, provides context-specific information and presents product offers that are precisely tailored to the target group.

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