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Let us finally See Data…

For a long time, everything went smoothly – for selected vehicle models in the USA, a German car manufacturer must submit a data sheet summarizing all relevant information of the model for registration. For this purpose, data from a wide variety of business solutions was combined: from the group-wide ERP solution, the CAD system, the special applications for tests and analyses, and, and, and…

For such an application, which you may need a few times a year, you do not write your own interface. This is probably still done fastest by hand – with the most important planning tool, which is still popular in international companies: Microsoft Excel.

But then the legal requirement changed fundamentally through the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It requires information on how the collections of numbers and data are produced and exactly where the sources are located. A typical compliance problem. In a letter the manufacturer was asked to solve this within a few weeks. Otherwise, unfortunately, the necessary vehicle registration cannot be processed further and completed on schedule.

A small interface problem – actually a solvable task. But time was short and so the car manufacturer turned to us – actesy.

With the actesy framework, we not only built the interface for the automated transfer of data from various source systems within a few weeks, but also created a metadata protocol with which proof of the manipulation-free transfer of data from the source systems could be provided. The compliance task was solved. Customer and EPA are satisfied.

What was once a single solution “ad hoc”, has now expanded into a validation and compliance solution. Whenever data is transferred to a fact sheet, it must be proven that the data transferred matches the original data. This makes manual transfer a thing of the past. With the actesy compliance solution you can create a product review at the push of a button. That way, you always know where the data is coming from – and you can prove it.

Which integration project may we solve for you?

With the actesy framework we are not only able to automatically merge interfaces for data transfer from different sources – we can also add new business logic on this basis. This allows you to integrate a wide variety of data sources into a new business solution – for example, in eCommerce or in hybrid infrastructures consisting of cloud and on-premises solutions.

Our promise is: We secure your investments because we are fast, flexible and innovative. Skeptical? Then test us. We look forward to hearing from you.

See you on your digital project!

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