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It won’t Work Without Visions!

If you have visions, it is often said, you should go to the doctor. However, digital change does not happen without visions. Digitization is not, as many believe, a technology topic, but a question of integration. Industry 4.0 or the Internet of Things can only succeed if we succeed in connecting new worlds and old worlds. Proven IT secures our business processes. Digitization, however, creates completely new business models.

Integration is not easy – on the contrary, it is the biggest cost driver in digital change. That’s why we at actesy have thought above all, how to get the biggest obstacle to digitization under control because we want our customers to look at how they want to shape their future – how they want to work, live and how they want to earn money.

Digitization is changing the products around us and the way we use them. Digitization also changes the methods by which we manufacture products, how we market and sell them, what prices we can achieve and which customers we can reach. This is the manufacturer’s view. From the consumer’s point of view, usage behavior is changing: We must possess everything we use. Is renting and sharing the smart alternative to buying?

Existing ERP solutions or merchandise management systems are hardly prepared for this. Those who “simply” equip the production level with intelligent systems without developing a vision for the entire value-added chain will either fail or, at most, derive half the benefit from their investments. Therefore, it is crucial for a successful digital transformation to have a robust vision for digital renewal right from the beginning.

Those who communicate with their customers via the web, but do not use the feedback for the further development of their products, have understood the digital revolution as little as those who have automated their production but behave autistically in dialogue with the market. Anyone who makes expensive investments in digitization just to continue to run the business in the same way as in the past decades has not understood anyhing.

That is because digitization is only superficially a rationalization measure. Of course, with new machines, with uninterrupted communication channels and with better control of the company through real-time key figures, you can save money in the long term and increase margins. However, those who only think in these categories assume that the industry in which they operate, that the business model they follow, that the demand for which they offer products, will not change in the coming years. However, this is exactly what is happening in the course of digital change.

The only constant is change – this is even more true in the digital age. However, if you want to manage change, you need an application architecture that is versatile and flexible and at the same time supports agile development. We at actesy have developed this application architecture for you. In numerous projects in the environment of existing ERP systems we have already shown that the actesy framework integrates seamlessly into existing solution worlds and at the same time massively reduces the effort for the integration of the digital world.

Our promise is: We secure your investments because we are fast, flexible and innovative. Skeptical? Then test us. We look forward to hearing from you.

See you on your digital project!

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