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Framework for platform economy

In the beginnings of the “Cloudian Age” the world was still flat. A good decade ago, “on demand” meant that users had to supplement their internal IT with solutions from service data centers: Candidates for cloud services were primarily “non-strategic” eCommerce offerings: online shops, marketplaces, track and trace and customer communication via social media, their own websites and via chat. However, the central business processes remained at home. The cloud was for the beautiful trivialities of the world.

Then the users rely on Managed Services with the promise to offer a more qualified monitoring, a higher security standard, perhaps the same availability, but in any case a better price/performance ratio than the good old in-house IT. Indeed, it can be assumed that application architectures hosted in the cloud’s DataCenter are more likely to be protected from cyber attacks than the good old “on-premises” installations.

However, cloud services are now strategic because business processes will no longer function the way we were used to. The sweet spot of cloud computing is not software as a service or infrastructure as a service, but completely different digital strategies. In short, those who are not prepared to adapt the business model to the possibilities of digitization do not need to think about cloud computing.

However, it is not so easy to add cloud services to existing applications so that a new, end-to-end business process can emerge. It’s not just APIs that are needed to make the transition from one world to another. It also requires flexible workflow management that combines the new process steps across applications.

Pour la connexion de différents mondes informatiques, nous avons développé le framework de métadonnées actesy, qui compte aujourd’hui plus de 250 adaptateurs (développement d’interfaces), avec lesquels des mondes d’applications hybrides peuvent être créés à partir de différentes solutions sur différents sites.

The actesy metadata framework connects the internal IT with the cloud and both with the mobile web and the Internet of Things to a common platform.

The result is a completely different view of today’s business models. The platform economy does not aim to simply relocate existing IT to the cloud. Rather, completely new sources of revenue and customer relationships are created via the cloud. The time has come for SMEs to discover and adapt the digital strategies of large Internet companies:

  • Amazon, for example, can be paid for many of its services through data

  • Crowd service providers let their services pay for themselves through services – for example forwarding

  • Marketing platforms can pay for their services through feedback

  • Telecom providers expect long-term customer loyalty for their media services

  • Automobile manufacturers offer their mobility services for brand and model loyalty

  • Comparison portals exchange their offers for detailed contract information

The platform economy knows many payment models. They all become possible only through the integration of internal IT with cloud services. With the actesy metadata framework, they can be implemented in manageable project steps. Connecting digital worlds – we help you on your way into the “Cloudian age” of platform economies.

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