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First automated, then autonomous

In many management levels the idea still prevails that the topic of digitization is a project with a defined end. But the times when a development has a clearly identifiable end point are finally over. Not even education has a final stage since we have chosen lifelong learning and further qualification as the measure of our personal progress.

In the past twelve months, the studies that were conducted on the question of whether small and medium-sized enterprises in German-speaking countries are now on the way to a digital strategy and to what extent the degree of fulfillment is there have overtaken each other. These studies suggest that there could be a point at which an organization could have reached “100 percent digitization”. But that would be a fatal error. Because digitization never stops. Just as little as electrification has never stopped – it is now only called differently.

The digital transformation will ignite in three stages:

Firstly, there are smart devices that permanently produce data about their condition and at the same time work largely automatically. Not only things like refrigerators, heating systems or consumer electronics are meant here, but also and above all production machines in manufacturing. Digitization therefore means automation.

Secondly, there is the networking of these smart devices with each other. Because only if the digital machines exchange information with each other they can work hand in hand. This applies to the car that reports to the heating system that the family is coming home. But this also applies to the workpiece, which tells the production machine what to do next.

And this applies to traffic lights that depend on the traffic – i.e. switch to green when you approach them. Digitization therefore means communication.

And third, there are completely new processes based on the data produced by the machines and communicated via the Internet of Things. They will no longer necessarily be hierarchical – from the bottom, where the data is generated, to the top, where the decisions are made, and back to the bottom, where the decisions are executed. The machines can make decisions independently on the basis of their own data. Digitization therefore means autonomy.

However, the whole process does not take place deterministically and separately, but fluently – new devices, more networking, changed processes. And in between there are always integration tasks to be performed in order to link the new worlds with each other. This is our core competence at actesy. With the actesy metadata framework we help you to get the most out of your digital strategy. Because we connect devices and applications, data and processes to a uniform new one.

Connecting Digital Worlds – this has been our motto since the company was founded 18 months ago. And with us, numerous customers whom we could help to connect their digital worlds with each other. So that automation becomes autonomy.

And what can we do for you?

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