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File Quickly and Point Accurately

«Yesterday I had it» – this is one of the most frequent sighs of relief for people who work with documents and pictures. Unlike traditional business solutions that can control the flow of value, document management systems remain piecemeal even decades after their introduction. The reason being the documents and other non-structured data cannot be stored and searched using traditional methods.

While archiving is now quick and inexpensive thanks to sophisticated scanning technology, finding the right pin again is like looking for a needle in a haystack. A document file would have to be described, indexed and indexed before it could be retrieved quickly and precisely – but that’s exactly where most systems fail. The effort to secure the findability is usually greater than the search itself, and finally, yesterday they had it.

However, for many professions there is no way around sophisticated document management. In law firms, for example, all incoming and outgoing briefs are now scanned to avoid file walls several metres long. Usually a project or process identification is used, under which the desired document can be found again with the help of standardized office products. This works well enough but what if the project number is no longer available?

With the actesy framework, documents can be indexed seamlessly. For this purpose, an actesy-owned database is created below the existing IT infrastructure, which can store and archive the documents. It is also the basis for application-integrated workflow management, which ensures that documents are correctly indexed, presented again in good time and stored in a process-oriented manner. Integration with existing solutions – such as Microsoft Office – is no problem at all.

Web-based knowledge platforms can also be easily implemented with the help of the actesy framework. For the underlying database it does not matter whether the data is called directly from the desktop or mobile from the web. Moreover, with the search functions on the Internet, web-based document platforms can also be used conveniently for decentralized organizations.

On a current project we are using the actesy framework to create a community network that serves as a platform for a wide variety of offers for children. It began with health and education counselors which lead to services such as physicians, advice centers or mediums, whose contents are summarized in such a way that made it discoverable for parents and guardians.

The fact that both structured data and unstructured documents are used does not detract from the findability of the contents.

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