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Every day is a digital day

Can you imagine that the Geneva Motor Show will be cancelled because nobody is interested in diesel vehicles anymore? Even now, the Swiss can hardly put up with more than a shake of the head when we hear that the world’s largest computer trade fair, the CEBIT in Hanover, will finally be cancelled. That’s enough! Off! Done! And now everyone is rubbing their eyes. What’s going on in the big canton?

Digitization is the heart of our economy, and information technology is its lung. There is hardly a more vital and more veritable topic at this time – and the Germans simply throw away the icon of an entire industry!

Now the themes of CEBIT are to be celebrated at the even larger industrial fair. On the one hand this is perhaps right from a commercial point of view, but on the other hand it is just as wrong for the mood in the country as if we were merging the Geneva Motor Show with the “Finanz” in Zurich just because you can also finance cars with credit…

Now smaller, “more pointed” fairs are to be developed. So it would have been worthwhile to come by on Swiss Digital Day last 25 October. With 70 partner organisations in twelve cities, we were able to “experience digital together”. Digital could be seen in practically every major railway station. If people don’t come to the fair, the fair has to come to the people.

Digitization reverses the old mechanisms of action in business life – from the supplier market to the buyer’s market, from series production to individual production, from product loyalty to customer loyalty, from credit to sharing.

Everyone has to adjust to this – from the trade fair company to the consumer goods manufacturer. That’s why old-fashioned trade fair concepts are just as threatened with extinction as all outdated products. We live in a time in which not only business processes are changing, but completely new business models are emerging that question and sweep away existing industry methods.

Digitization can hardly be more exciting. We at actesy experience this every day when we talk to companies about how digital change affects their business, their processes and their understanding of the customer, the market and the processes. And day after day, we see how companies feel captivated by monolithic software solutions that are difficult to adapt to new business processes.

This is why we have developed the actesy Metadata Framework, which helps companies to link existing application worlds with new digital processes. We help to tackle the digital challenge successfully. For us, every day is a bit CEBIT, because every day is a digital day.

And what can we do for you?

Our promise is: We secure your investments because we are fast, flexible and innovative. Skeptical? Then test us. We look forward to hearing from you at


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