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Digitization despite tight budgets

In view of the slackening economy, two out of three medium-sized companies in the German-speaking region are in danger of running out of steam in their digitization efforts. This is the result of the «Financing Monitor 2019», which the financial service provider creditshelf has now published together with the TU Darmstadt. According to the report, credit institutions continue to find it difficult to support investments in non-material projects. However, in times of booming demand, many SMEs have already exhausted their credit lines anyway in order to be able to prefinance and temporarily finance large project orders.

Concern about the dwindling power of digitization is particularly widespread in the tertiary sector. Among the service providers, worrying 71 percent of the companies fear that they could run out of financial resources in the middle of the digital upheaval. But the situation is not entirely new: in times of economic downturn, SMEs have always created innovations on their own and thus achieved new boosts in efficiency and productivity with the help of their own creativity. This time, however, it is complicating the situation that digital projects do not simply update existing business processes using new technologies. This time, new technologies such as cloud computing, Internet of Things, big data analytics and artificial intelligence lead to completely different business models. That’s why creativity from the outside is also required.

We at actesy have specialized in advancing this innovation approach. With the help of the actesy metadata framework, we are able to link old and new IT worlds with each other and thus advance further development in the sense of digital transformation. We use the experience of three decades of practical experience around the introduction, further development and integration of enterprise solutions to plan and implement future business processes for selected industries – especially automotive, mechanical engineering, life sciences as well as service sectors such as finance and real estate management.

Because with the actesy framework, we get you off the beaten track and show you the possibilities of how you can create a cross-company value chain with your customers and suppliers. For this purpose, we open your existing applications on data and logic level for new, digital worlds: ERP plus Manufacturing Platform, CRM plus mobile computing, merchandise management and eCommerce offerings – these are just three examples of the digital projects that we implement for our customers on the basis of the actesy metadata framework. Or you can use one of our more than 250 actesy adaptors, with which we link existing standard applications from SAP and others with new digital solutions.

Projects based on the actesy metadata framework are significantly cheaper than the projects of your traditional providers. We dock your digital solutions to your existing IT landscape without turning it into a project of the century. Because digitization does not have to be cost-intensive if you know how to do it. Especially for medium-sized companies, the actesy metadata framework is the ideal way into the digital future. Because digitalization should not be played for time. Those who start now will secure a place for themselves in the future. Anyone who hesitates now may already have gambled it away. Test us.

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