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At the end of the Monolithic

t’s time for the end of the monolithic – the IT age in which large software entities first emerged, developing into large software monopolies. Even those who in the decade before and after the turn of the millennium opted for a corporate solution – whether for ERP, CRM, warehouse management or financial accounting – not only opted for a large software package, but also for a long outdated DNA, which now blocks the path to the neo-digital era.

The dominant life forms in the Monolithic – for example the SlowResponsoSaurus, the GreenScreenTabellarius, the BusinessProcessEngineerius or the Inflexibilitus Rectus – die out only gradually and far too slowly. Although they now come in the form of a three-tiered anatomy of surface, business logic and database, the old reptilian brain is still lingering under the new armour. This does not change if the monolithic software dinosaurs rise into the air, i.e. migrate to the cloud.

The extent to which the monolithic still lives on in the neo-digital era can be seen in the tools with which the major software providers want to migrate their customers (and above all their portfolio of solutions) into the next IT age. Instead of moving into the new era with modern, agile methods, they confront their customers with powerful development environments and expensive migration paths, which in the end only result in a facelift of the old monoliths. Why should a vendor release its customers into an open, cooperative and agile world, where other ways of life are better prepared for the competition for food?

But seriously: When we present the possibilities that arise with the actesy metadata framework to customers and interested parties, we are repeatedly asked by users why the established software providers do not have such a solution available. There is only one answer to this: because they have so many customers from the monolithic that they have to be considerate of and do not want to release them into independence under any circumstances. They cannot simply think disruptively like a startup, because they have to protect their installation base.

Customers pay for investment protection with imprisonment. They are trapped in the monopolistic data model. actesy is a company of the digital age. Those who want to go there should not rely on the monolithic.

actesy is a startup with 30 years of migration background! We have experienced the time of software dinosaurs and know where the design errors lie. That’s why with the actesy metadata framework we have created an environment that eliminates these design errors. Individually and quickly.

Many IT tools lack a holistic approach and independence. It’s like shooting old castles with old guns. They no longer fit into our digital world because they carry the code DNA from development times long past. That’s why many IT modernization projects are becoming more expensive, taking longer and achieving less than planned. But that is also the reason why we founded actesy. The founders of the start-up from the field of ERP migration projects, the University of St. Gallen and the experience with software development from the regulated and documented industry combine more than three decades of IT know-how with the disruptive approach of a start-up. Our goal: connecting digital worlds

The result is a comprehensive integration tool for modern digital worlds: the actesy metadata framework connects data, processes, applications and infrastructures such as cloud, hybrid cloud and edge computing. Take the step from the monolithic to the neo-digital era. actesy is the agile Swiss pocket knife of digitization – the right blade for every challenge, simply “act easy”.

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See you on your next digital project!


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