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actesy: Twice as Fast as Double as Good!

Only a few days after its foundation, actesy AG, provider of a revolutionary database-based software architecture for the modernization and expansion of application landscapes in companies, can already point to numerous successful projects. We are enthusiastic about the positive response to the presentation of our metadata framework for application modernization in the market,”says Head of Sales & Partnerships Jürgen Schwarzbek, summing up the first activities of the company, which only recently emerged as a new star in the EAI sky. EAI or Enterprise Application Integration is one of the project offerings offered by actesy on the basis of its revolutionary database based software architecture.

In discussions with customers and prospective customers, several areas of application for actesy can be seen:

  • Application integration and modernization,

  • Release upgrade with individual additions,

  • Migration to the Cloud,

  • Integration of external systems and a uniform browser interface,

  • Simplification of business processes through process control,

  • Use of a common database for different software systems,

  • Master data maintenance across several applications,

  • Creation of mobile applications

“In initial projects, especially in the SAP environment, we can see that our solution approach leads to success in half of the otherwise budgeted term and thus much more cost-effectively”, says Jürgen Schwarzbek, who can look back on a quarter of a century of project experience as a software entrepreneur and consultant.

This is paying off especially for companies that are currently striving for integration projects in the course of digitization and are shying away from the high adjustment costs. It is precisely the addition of additional functions to an existing software landscape and the provision of new services as cloud services that lead to considerable additional expenses if the existing business solutions do not prove to be open for modernization. Here, actesy is already in discussions with numerous interested parties from the automotive and mechanical engineering industries.

Although only just founded, actesy can already point to successful integration projects. For example, a web shop was developed using the 3-tier plus framework and integrated with an existing ERP solution. In another application example, the data of a logistics service provider was integrated into the existing business solution. Finally, actesy has also been used to design selected functions for the field service for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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