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actesy in the Real-estate Letter: Real estate -­ Management with Excellence

In a heterogeneous environment such as that found in the management of a wide variety of properties, one of the greatest challenges is to carefully map the most diverse processes. This ranges from a simple guard duty tour to the management of maintenance tasks to rent price comparison lists and tenant details. Of course, there are sophisticated software packages that cover everything from project management to facility management.

However, it is not necessarily easy to link different applications. In many cases, there is no need for integration across all objects and processes. It is often sufficient to have meaningful checklists on site to ensure that all processes are carried out according to the same standards. Furthermore these checklists are often maintained with a cost-effective tool: Microsoft Excel.

Keeping tables and lists with Excel has distinctive advantages: The software can be used intuitively by practically everyone, it is usually available in the Office package anyway and the lists can be easily edited, copied and designed. However, the more data and formulas are stored in the lists, the more difficult it becomes to understand the calculations. However, the more data and formulas are stored in the lists, the more difficult it becomes to comprehend the calculations. Whenever data from the Excel lists needs to be transferred to other applications, the only solution is «copy and paste» – with all its potential sources of error.

Concrete application example

Real estate-­Management with Excel

CASE 1 In a concrete customer project, we ensured that the Excel tables for maintenance and care existing for different properties were combined into a comprehensive maintenance database with personnel and project planning.

For this purpose we transferred the data from Excel into a common database and transferred the business logic with the help of the actesy metadata framework into our own application, for which we also developed our own user interfaces. Thus the mobile employees on site had access to the centrally stored planning data via tablets at any time.

CASE2 In a second project, the personal data were transferred from the Excel tables and protected against unauthorised access by third parties in accordance with the requirements of the Basic Data Protection Ordinance (GDPR). In addition likewise its own data base was developed, into which with the Excel Easy Adaptor the tenant information was summarized. The highlight: The existing Excel applications, for example for sending letters or for forwarding to the accounting department, could continue to be used. With the actesy Excel Easy Adaptor it is possible to

  • Transfer Excel data to a relational database

  • Convert Excel formulas into classic business logic

  • Integrate Excel applications into your own company IT

  • Include Excel applications via interfaces into the IT processes

  • Manage Excel variants and releases

  • Document formulas and references stored in Excel

  • Fall back on Excel functions in your own screen masks

  • Prepare Excel applications for mobile use

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