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actesy, A Startup with more than 30 Years of IT-Migration Experience

The «Mission ERP” is almost completed. The point was that departments were no longer separated and those responsible were no longer «permanently closed” – with work, of course. ERP software has integrated all parts of the company along the value flow. This was a huge achievement, which has brought about enormous leaps in efficiency for users. However, Industry 4.0, for example, requires that we link the flow of values more precisely with the flow of goods. This is the opportunity that the Internet of Things offers us. ERP plus IoT results in Industry 4.0.

The challenges that arise with digital change – and Industry 4.0 is only the implementation of digitization in the production area – come from new agile companies that can adapt individually to changing customer requirements. This is a completely different business model that presents new challenges in the interaction of software.

Many medium-sized ERP providers are overwhelmed when developing new apps and integrating applications. ERP is the Super League of enterprise software. But Industry 4.0 and other effects of digital change are the Champions League.

That is why we founded actesy, which is dedicated to the goal: «connecting digital worlds”. Virtually all ERP systems that can be evaluated today are monolithic in origin, i.e. they were once developed as complex, self-contained software towers. Many of these offerings are now in their third generation and follow modern architectures. But in principle, these applications are still huge structures of interlinked business logic that is difficult to modify. This is the opposite of agility.

actesy wants to free users from the dependence on a single ERP provider, because they will be able to purchase the best app for finance here and the best solution for production control there, and link them together as cloud services. With actesy we do not reinvent the solutions but the integration. Therefore: «connecting digital worlds”.

At actesy we have developed a framework with which we can develop our own apps, i.e. our own business logic, using powerful tools.

On the other hand, We are also able to extract the data we need for new applications from the existing databases on which the installed business solutions are based in order to link them to new apps. And thirdly, we are able to create hybrid application architectures with the actesy framework, which on the one hand enables different applications to work with a common data basis, and on the other hand also allows the choice between applications that run on-premises, in the cloud or mobile.

Thus one can successively exchange existing application parts – for example the financial solution of the provider S by the financial software of the provider G – or vice versa. actesy has written more than 100 connectors with which the exchange of data and application steps is possible in the process. For example, today we can integrate Salesforce or SAP. Nevertheless, all application parts are harmonized by a process-oriented workflow engine.

actesy is not aimed at the ERP market, but at all complex software structures that need a breakthrough if they are ready for digital change. This applies to banking systems as well as to manufacturing software. We have enquiries from practically every industry – but above all from the automotive, finance, banking and retail sectors.

Just as AirBnB has no apartments and Uber no cars of its own, actesy marketplace will not necessarily operate its own software development, but it will integrate and offer the services of third parties. actesy is a platform for digital change and migration into the digital future.

actesy has 30 years of IT migration background – let us show you its power. See you on your digital project.

Peter Imthurn

For further information please contact us at


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