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data made easy in a single place.

We help businesses to connect and orchestrate data and systems independently of the data source and underlying technology.

Two persons dealing and connecting complex data
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Major Challenges

There are many challenges with the integration,
quality and governance of data

IT systems

Different systems and data models complicate communication and collaboration


Different maturity levels and technologies are unable to collaborate

data silos

Data treasure cannot be utilized and there are normally collaboration challenges

Increasing regulation

New regulation increases the effort of new implementations

Benefits of actesy

actesy makes data

management easy

Illustration with person sitting on laptop with various data management tools around it


Easy data integration and orchestration

actesy connects and orchestrates data and systems independently of the data source and underlying technology with the actesy adapter.


data model

Uniform and flexible actesy data model enables integration and orchestration of all data


Consistency & flexibility

Demand-driven & modular integration of the existing IT landscape ensures investment protection and flexibility with minimally invasive action


Automatic validation and documentation

Automated documentation and validation technology (audit trail) enables highest data quality and traceability across systems


Manageable complexity

Complexity reduction of the systems and data involved for easy orchestration using actesy secures digital sovereignty independent from underlying technology

About actesy

Your trusted data orchestrator

actesy was founded as an HSG spin-off by industry experts determined to democratize data access and enable data orchestration across all systems. actesy is a complete integration and data orchestration framework that connects and orchestrates data and systems regardless of the data source or underlying technology. We speak your language and understand the difficulties that can come with integrating different data sources and the associated data quality issues. The actesy team also have grown a thorough knowledge in regulatory data compliance. So let us help you to make your complex data simple.

Person standing on a pie chart watching the numbers with a telescope. Other people stand and sit around him and work with data charts in the background.

Customer reference

«We are maximally satisfied with actesy. The quality, the support as well as the response times are simply top. actesy is also the only solution without a bug for over 3 years.»

– Michael Kantz,  Head of Project Mmgt. & Operations, Intermarket Bank (Erste Group)

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