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data made easy in a single place.

We help businesses to connect and manage data from diverse systems, third parties and any other data source to have a single source of truth.

Major Challenges

There are many challenges with the integration,
quality and governance of data

IT systems

Different systems and data models from many vendors prevent efficiency


Different maturity levels and technologies are unable to collaborate

data silos

Huge data treasure cannot be utilized through silos

Increasing regulation

Rapidly growing regulation must be implemented in systems

Benefits of actesy

actesy makes complex

data management simple



End-to-end digitalization technology

Only end-to-end solution with all necessary functionalities in one solution instead of a collection of solutions


data model

Uniform and flexible data model enables easy connection and collaboration of all systems​


Minimally invasive integration

Minimally invasive integration enables preservation of existing architecture/investments while quickly resolving challenges through modular and flexible technology that leverages the company's own people and resources


Automatic validation and documentation

Automated testing and documentation technology enables highest data quality and traceability of all processes (also across systems)


Easy Integration of all data and busines systems

Any (legacy) system, data base and data in general can be easily integrated and used for collaboration through the unique actesy data model and its systems adapters

About actesy

Your trusted IT experts

Our over 30 years expertise in data management, system architecture and product management has resulted in big savings for our clients. We speak your language. We understand that our potential customers often have difficulties with integrating different data sources as well as data quality during collection and output. In addition, when it comes to data management and processing certain pitfalls in the regulatory compliance may occur. We are here to make complex data simple.

Customer reference

«actesy is the Swiss pocket knife of digitalization.
For every problem exists the right tool.» 

– Ralf Tomczak, Head of IDC, Deloitte Germany